Design & Development

Blulynx Communications builds tools for use in many different industries. Tools we believe are needed and are useful to many different businesses in many different industries. Once built, we make these tools available to those businesses and industries.

Website design and development is the core foundation of your business’s marketing strategy. Therefore in today’s business environment, companies need to have solid and effective websites for marketing and lead conversion. Websites are now the first impression you make on new customers, therefore you want to make a good one.

On the surface, a robust user interface (UI) and smooth and memorable user experiences (UX) are imperative. Well-designed websites also reduce bounce rate and increase the time each customer spends on your company’s landing page.  Behind the scenes, your website also needs to engage with search engines as well as it engages with prospective customers with excellent search engine optimization (SEO). Our team of designers and web developers are masters at what they do. Therefore, let them show you how they can reinvigorate your company’s web presence today.

Also, consider the development of your mobile website. Integral with email, SMS, and social media strategies, many customers will first come in contact with your brand via their mobile device. Therefore, proper development and design in today’s mobile market demands slick UX on desktop, cellular, and tablet platforms on a variety of browsers. Our experts are also masters of optimizing trendy designs that are sure to make each individual click count.