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Online advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. The goal is simple: get your message, your product, your service, in front of targeted, high-value customers. Crosslynx is designed with this simple goal in mind by giving you the simplest, most effective tools and give you complete control which helps you manage your own goals and objectives.

Crosslynx is designed specifically for local businesses looking to convert website visitors into customers. This innovative platform allows you to control who sees your ads and when, giving you the control you need over your advertising, and marketing budget.

From the custom Crosslynx platform, our clients can:

  • Create your own online advertisements
  • Have custom online advertisements created for you
  • Choose where and when you would like your ads to run
  • Replace, update, or suspend ads
  • Manage your online marketing campaign
  • Track advertising effectiveness based on traffic statistics

The most successful companies have taken their websites from simple online brochures and transformed their web presence into revenue generating powerhouses. With Crosslynx, we give you the tools to make this transition yourself. Start earning money from your website now with the power of targeted online advertising. Share other great non-competing opportunities with your clients that you know they’ll use and love. Bring in new clients and engage existing clients in additional ways. Online advertising is simply the best way to attract the attention and connect with visitors.

Whether you have a talented team of marketing experts or are a sole proprietor looking to get the word out, we can work with you to create and execute an enticing, successful and budget friendly program. We’ll help you identify your target customers to optimize your growth potential and get your message in front of them. As your business changes and grows, you can efficiently manage your marketing needs through the Crosslynx platform.

Using the Crosslynx platform will help you stay on top of your ever-changing and evolving marketing and advertising needs. You can efficiently manage your marketing budget right from the platform and continually change and improve your ads and target the right customers. You won’t be left to wonder what’s working and what’s not working – traffic statistics are always available to you and will help you track which ads and websites are performing the best.

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