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This application is in closed beta.

Designed and developed to the meet the specific needs of the restaurant industry, OurCrew is an all-in-one solution for talent recruitment and other management tasks.

For prospective employees, OurCrew allows workers to post resumes, profiles, and even post short introductory videos. They can elect to be pre-screened by restaurant managers. Applicants can also do research about prospective employers right inside the system. The pre-screening process saves applicants and managers time and money during the hiring process. Many of the most critical tasks of finding talent can be taken care of right inside the OurCrew system.

OurCrew offers even more value for restaurant managers and owners, however. In addition to hiring workers, OurCrew helps dining industry professionals vet repair and service companies, ensuring each company has the necessary licenses and insurance. By consolidating the information into one easy-to-use system, OurCrew offers a significant value for professionals in the dining industry not found in any other software package.

The primary features of OurCrew include:

  • Prospective employees can post profiles including video
  • Applicants can learn about employers before even applying
  • Managers can pre-screen applicants quickly and efficiently
  • Connect with qualified service providers like repair companies
  • Vet service providers to ensure insurance and licensing

New features are continually being added to meet the evolving needs of the industry. For example, the ability to comparison shop for suppliers for everything from kitchen equipment to food ingredients is coming soon.