Touchlynx is an innovative web software solution custom designed to help vacationers and rental property guests plan out their vacations. Touchlynx adds value for property owners as a robust market research and data analysis platform.

Each night area visitors are researching what they are going to do the next day. One of the most time consuming and potentially frustrating things for guests is picking out the most worthwhile activities for their limited vacation time and dollars. Which attractions should they visit? How do they get tickets? How will they find their way? Touchlynx allows guests can browse the top local attractions, buy tickets right in the system, find the best restaurants and preview their menus, and even get customized directions. This offers a substantially increased time and energy savings to area visitors.

Touchlynx offers:

  • Local content of particular interest to area visitors
  • Includes area news, weather, events, and attractions
  • Safe and secure browsing and online purchasing through vendor’s websites
  • Added value for rental guests and managers alike
  • Market research and data analysis tools

The content in Touchlynx can be customized for the local area and for each property, showing only the most popular and best matching attractions and destinations. The safe and secure system allows guests to quickly and effortlessly prepare and plan for the rest of their vacations by effortlessly connecting to attraction websites for ticket purchases and reservations.

Recognizing the valuable research and data analysis that such a system can offer, we developed Touchlynx with property managers in mind. While Touchlynx provides convenience for guests, it gives the property manager or owner valuable insight into your guests and how they make their plans. Touchlynx logs guest activity so that you may better offer more targeted recommendations and services to your guests, allowing you to hone in on market trends before they’re trends. You’ll be able to track which attractions your guests are more interested in and will be able to target your marketing efforts more effectively.

Whether in their hotel room, condo, cabin, or vacation rental, guests will be able to quickly and easily make plans for the next day and go back to relaxing and enjoying the local area.

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