SEO Research

SEO Research for Articles – Simple Methods

Simple Ways to Research for SEO Articles

Building quality content and increasing how your company website performs in search results may seem daunting. While writing skills are important to producing quality SEO articles, that process is much easier once one learns how to gather needed information. Knowing how to conduct research for optimized content is essential, and it’s easy to learn. Implement the following research methods and you will begin to write content that improves your website’s overall optimization.

Check Out the Competition

Start the research process by looking up websites of companies in a similar industry as your company. Read the content of those websites that come up in the top-ten results. This will help you get a feel for the kind of SEO content people are searching for and give you a better understanding of how to write which will set your articles apart from what’s already been written. This part of your research will help you clearly see the standard you must exceed to get people to read your material.

What’s the Keyword Performance

There are numerous tools out there that you can use to find SEO keywords that people are searching for. The best tool to use is your favorite search engine. Make a list of keywords and phrases most likely to be searched in relation to your type of business, and see what top search terms appear as you enter each into the search engine. This can be a great starting point for writing. Take the most popular search terms, making a list of all, and build your content around those words and phrases. This can be a catalyst to creating highly optimized articles.

Look at Supporting Material

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the kind of content out there that’s successful and what keywords and phrases are popular, start doing research for specific article ideas you’ve been thinking about writing on. A proven way to begin is to choose a search term to write about and then research information and facts pertaining to that idea. For example, if you are a real estate agent and want to write specifically about people moving to your area, find statistics and data supporting different trends for people moving in and out of your city. As you approach this part of your research, it’s important not to overload your articles with too much research. It’s best to keep the information you gather relevant to one or two search terms, that way you won’t bore or overwhelm readers with research. Also, remember to hold onto and add citations for all of your sources. This will add credibility to your research, as well as prevent problems with plagiarism.

Understanding what has worked for similar companies, knowing what keywords and phrases are currently being searched, while finding relevant statistics and facts will make your research solid in addition to making you fully prepared to write good articles. Keeping your articles focused on one or two simple ideas supported by research will keep people interested and coming back for more. It will also make it more likely people will share the content on your site, which increases how your website is optimized with search engines. These research ideas are simple, and with hard work, they work.