About Blulynx Communications, LLC

Blulynx Communications began by designing & building networks for local businesses and evolved into developing specialized projects for local industry professionals. Working with these HVAC/Plumbing contractors to create software for their exclusive use within their businesses. We work with many heating & air conditioning and plumbing companies to streamline performance and improve sales.


By 2017 Blulynx Communications grew into a software development leader of unique projects for the HVAC and Plumbing industry. We’ve now grown our software development to include the Electrical trades, Lawn & Landscaping, Travel and Food Service industries.

Our reputation is building complex projects other companies won’t, while creating new, cutting edge ideas for the industries we serve. We build integral solutions that are needed for businesses in these industries. Also, we know what defines impactful, wide-ranging solutions powered by the latest technologies – because we build them!

We introduce new and emerging tech and methods. We believe this will make a positive impact on each of our clients’ businesses.  This allows them to make faster, simpler, and smarter decisions.  They’re able to cut out the outside “noise” of all the so-called “experts” of the fields. This allows our clients to grow faster and smarter than ever before.


The mission of Blulynx Communications is to help small and mid-sized businesses overcome hurdles and challenges. The challenges that come with Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Content Marketing and more. We bring expertise, new ideas, and also focus to these businesses.  Therefore, we can help them become leaders in their fields while growing their brands.

We provide our clients complete technical expertise and IT support. Our software development services include strategy consulting, CX (Customer Experience) design, engineering, and also system integration.

The simplest way to say what we do is this… We help businesses build custom-tailored and designed digital plans for all aspects of their business. Therefore, you can tell us your idea. We’ll work with you to provide the most fitting tech solution for your business.


We’ve recently begun providing services to clients such as SEO and Internet Marketing.  We offer this in order to give other choices than their current providers.  We also provide other needed services when the client feels those providers deliver much less than promised.

Our entire company and staff are here to help your company solve any business problem.  Though we specialize in software development, we believe there is no quality software without a great team behind it.

Our professional team consists of highly experienced developers, writers, SEO professionals, and data analysts. We’re prepared to focus on your project and provide our top-level tools and support. We’re ready to help you realize your vision.